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Harlem Shuffle (Rolling Stones/Bakshi/John K.)

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Mick Jagger cat
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: C37
Standard size

No Background

Added 1/19/2006
Updated 4/21/2006
This cel was sold to me as being from Mighty Mouse, but the character is the cat that becomes Mick Jagger in the Rolling Stone's Harlem Shuffle video, and the cel looks hand inked, while my MM productioon cels look xeroxed. I can't track the cel down in the video, but I only have a low quality Real Media file of the video, which I can't go through frame by frame and which I think loses frames for size reduction. (If it turns out it's actually in an episode of Mighty Mouse, I'll move the cel over there.)
The Ralph Bakshi website has a cel from probably the same shot for $549, and lists it as from Harlem Shuffle; the body isn't all weirdly split like on my cel, but I think the head on my cel is nicer. And the cost on mine was about 25 times nicer...


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