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Pixie Picnic (1948) title
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Added 5/15/2008
Updated 8/27/2009
Here we have a title cel for the Lantz short Pixie Picnic (the cartoon is on the second volume of the Woody and Friends DVD sets). The paint is really coming off this. There's also the accompanying drawing (see sketch 1). Now, compared to the title as seen in the cartoon (see bottom image in sketch 2), there are differences. In the cel there is no secondary title (and so the main title is proportionately larger), the main title is in yellow, whereas it is in (off)white in the version in the short (tho half the text in the secondary title seems to be the same yellow), and the E and the ICs are formed differently between the images.

The layout says the background should be green; the background is largely green in the cartoon. I wonder if this was an initial attempt before doing the more ambitious pan and zoom opening they went with, or if it was perhaps done later for a trimmed down version for home release. The drawing has both double circle holes on the bottom (not the combo circle square on the left that my Bandmaster cel has) and the oblong circle oblong holes on the top. The cel only has registration holes on top.

The cel came with a blank guard cel and black tape holding everything together (in theory; that had stopped doing its job before it got to me), similar to the accouterments of the Greedy Gabby Gator background.

There is at least a German super8 release; one would think it would have the German title ("Woody Woodpecker und die 7 musikalischen Zwerge"), but maybe they just renamed the box (since they're taking enough liberties to imply Woody is the star of the cartoon, instead of just there for three seconds at the beginning)
(The screen caps seem lifted from the Lantz Encyclopdia, so they're not determinative of the content of the film itself.)

Update 8/2009: The top image in sketch 2 comes from images of a 16mm sound print of the cartoon that appeared on eBay in August 2009. This title IS consistent with the cel.

Beyond the title cel I have, there are other differences between the cartoon in the print and as seen on the DVD. The Musical Miniatures title is also distinct from the version on the DVD, although it has much more detail than the Pixie Picnic title. The "A Walter Lantz Cartoon A United Artists Release" title (with a copyright of 1948 and a visible RCA Sound System logo) on the DVD becomes "Universal International Presents A Walter Lantz Cartune" with a 1947 copyright and no visible RCA (although the capture cuts off significant areas) in the 16mm. The end titles also differ, both in the "The End" typeface and in that "A Walter Lantz Cartoon" on the DVD is "A Walter Lantz Cartune" on the print.

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