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100 Pygmies and Andy Panda (1940)
Source: Movie
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Added 6/24/2008
Updated 10/30/2008
This cel has huge paint loss. It came trimmed, in a frame, with no glass. It's dirty (see sketch 2 for no background instead of the backing from the frame, to show how dirty it is) in addition to having lost so much paint. It does have a purported Walter Lantz inscription. He signed practically every piece of paper that came out of his studio from the time they stopped actually making cartoons, but this (and I've seen some others like it) has the feel of a more or less contemporary to release feel, and such perfect writing that it might be a stamp (or a trained calligraphic secretary). But if he was obsessed with signing things latr, maybe he was at the time, too. Leon Schlesinger's inscriptions on cels at more or less the same time were silk screened, supposedly; this has a similar feel.
Inscription: "This is an original painting from one of my animated "Cartunes" Walter Lantz creator of Andy Panda"
See sketch 1 for the screen cap.

Strangely, I recently saw a Warner Brothers cel in the exact same style of frame that this came in; blonde wood, with scalloping along one of the long edges of the frame. It's one of the ones with Schlesinger's fake autograph, along the lines of te printing on this. It makes me think a single company was responsible for the branding and distribution of both. Any information on how these went out (sold like through Disney's art corner or given away as gifts) would be appreciated.

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