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Credit cel
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Added 2/26/2010
Updated 6/24/2010
The multiple credits on this cel almost certainly means it's from a tv package. But apparently a specific episode, in spite of the fact that the cel has no indicia. I need to check the Woody Woodpecker show credits on the bonuses on the DVDs to see if it shows up there, in case this is a generic card they just slapped on some of the shows. Lantz was pretty good about giving credit tho, so I'd be surprised if it's generic beyond applicable cartoons.
(A 1957 credit sequence lists Smith and Lovy as directors, presumably for the show bumps as they did not direct the full cartoons in the show; it lists the same animators, except that Bob Bentley is listed instead of Al Coe; but there are camera credits, and no music or film editor credits.)
Found it; a 1970 set of credits, found in the Woody Woodpecker and Friends Columbia House set; screen taken from Volume 13, first episode. See sketch 1.

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