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ESPer Lass
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: 398B
Standard size

No Background

Added 3/11/2010
Updated 4/8/2010
Here is yet another example of how the studio art system is screwed up; this drawing demonstrates it two ways. This drawing of a nearly unknown secondary character fighting another secondary character whose back obscures both himself and part of ESPer Lass had an MSRP on it of $350. It sold for under $11 on eBay, from a great seller who listed it properly. I say this makes it more or less properly priced. The Clampett system has been putting an MSRP of $300 on drawings of single characters; in thi9s instance, there's a $50 premium because there's an obscured second character. In my collection, I have a couple of drawings that went through the Clampett system at some point, which went for more on the order of $50. Those were more significant characters people evidently value more than ESPer Lass and Back of Head Boy. They just value them at around 1/6th of what the studio system wants to try to sell them for. See sketch 1 for a screencap from this shot.

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