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A great movie from 1987 that's a collection of shorts intended to be like the anime Fantasia. You can see how they were kinda going for that (minimal voice, lots of music), but they kinda don't have anything like the feel of Fantasia (except for the segment Cloud, which is interesting in its animation, and Nightmare, which is basically a remake of Night On Bald Mountain; it's arguable that Franken's Gears is a take on the Sorcerer's Apprectice, too ). Still, tons of great mecha. It's really a lot like the Animatrix in some ways (and there is some crossover in some of the directors; Studio 4degreesC founder Koji Morimoto directed Franken's Gears, as well as the Animatrix segment Beyond, about the haunted house), but way more '80s.

 Red from Nightmare


 A Tale of Two Robots

 A Tale of Two Robots

 A Tale of Two Robots

 A Tale of Two Robots
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