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Harlem Shuffle (Rolling Stones/Bakshi/John K.)

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The Rolling Stones' 1986 Harlem Shuffle video was directed by Ralph Bakshi, but the animation was done by Jim Smith, Lynne Naylor, Bob Jaques and John Kricfalusi, later of Ren and Stimpy fame. And don't forget the Bakshi Mighty Mouse as well.
Bob Jaques said:
"Vicki Jensen did some of the backgrounds and Pat Ventura animated the suicide scene. I animated the giant take and the scene leading into it. Lynne animated the final scene an a few others. There were 2 other animators as I recall but I don't remember their names.

The animation was produced in Studio City in a place where the Alvin and the Chipmunks feature was being made. The crew worked independently of Ralph and I only saw him once during the whole production. He was in NY directing the live action footage with the Rolling Stones while we were doing the animation.
Correction - looking at the frame grabs I did not animate the scene before the giant take in the graveyard - that was Pat Ventura's animation I believe."

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