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Beany and Cecil (John Kricfalusi)

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This is the show John K. left Mighty Mouse after one season to do. He more or less said that was a bad move in the Onion AV Club interview.
Bob Camp on the show:
"I did get lots of inspiration from Eddie Fitzgerald at that point. He was directing on the show. The layout crews were mostly people from Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse. They had learned the fine art of doing whatever the hell they wanted from Mighty Mouse. It was a cartoon free for all. After John fired Eddie, his crew continued to layout cartoons without any supervision. I remember we showed a cartoon to the lady from the network. The last scene was Cecil singing his song in the water while Beany floated up in a wash tub. Cecil snorted Beany up inside his nose and shot his clothes back out of his nostril. The woman screamed and John and I took off running and hid somewhere like kids that'd broken a window with a baseball. One day someone went around and told everyone to leave. No notice. I went out and got hammered with some people. Everyone else stole everything that wasn't nailed down."

 Beany and Uncle Cap'n Huffenpuff

 Beany, Cecil, and Uncle Captain Huffenpuff

 Dishonest John

 Beany testing DJ

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