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NBC Telecomics (1950)

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NBC Telecomics gets called the first animated for TV show along with Crusader Rabbit, when anyone bothers to mention NBC Telecomics. Information on the show is pretty scarce. It seems to have been originally released in syndication by Vallee Video in 1949 as Telecomics. It basically uses what we would call the Ken Burns effect on india ink and watercolor drawings/paintings, with some animated effects. NBC apparently bought the show in 1950 and turned it into NBC Comics or NBC Telecomics, depending on the source you read. The designer and a coproducer on the show was Dick Moores, who worked with Chester Gould for 5 years; this might explain why the art from "Danny March" or "Rick Rack, Special Agent", the segment of the series I have art from (so little information is out there, I'm not sure which this is), looks kinda familiar. And by "kinda" I mean "exactly like", and by "familiar" I mean "Dick Tracy". Moores also worked on the Jim Hardy strip, Gasoline Alley, and worked at Disney on the Uncle Remus strip. Other segments in the show included "Joey and Jug", "Sa-Lah" (or Su-Lih, depending on the source), "Johnny and Mr. Doright", "Kid Champion", "Space Barton", and "Brother Goose".
Update: It's probably Rick Rack: there's a segment on YouTube of Danny march, and he and his sidekick look very similar, but distinct, from these fellas:

 Danny/Rick and 'kick in silhouette

 RIck/Danny and sidekick and a girl

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