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From the guy that brought you Cowboy Bebop, Shinichiro Watanabe

 Mugen chase, ep5, drawing05

 Mugen on thug, ep5, drawing06

 Cops, ep5, drawing7

 Cops, ep5, drawing08

 Sweating madam, ep5, drawing09

 Cops looking away from Madam, ep5, drawing10

 Saw, ep5, drawing11

 Madam Sawa, ep5, drawing12

 Group; Mugen, Fuu, etc. ep5 drawing13

 Saw from above with fuu and book, ep5 drawing14

 Saw side ep5 drawing15

 Saw side ep5 drawing16

 Manzou reads ep5 drawing17

 Saw turns 1 ep5 drawing18

 Saw turns 2 ep5 drawing19

 Saw turns ep5 drawing 20

 Long Manzou presents, ep5, drawing 21

 Saw presents, ep5, drawing 22
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