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Ren and Stimpy Firedogs II Car art

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From the Ren and Stimpy Adult Cartoon Party, thie materials in this section came from a large salmon colored Spumco folder labeled "Firedogs II Seq. 6 (The Drive) Jim Smith Car Models". The red pencil caddy is almost identical to the car on the second to last page (excluding the inside and outside front and back covers) of Jim Smith's "Lonely are the Naked" sketchbook.

 Girl in her Car

 Double girl car

 "boob like"

 "Curvy" style

 WInd up that car

 Bucket seats

 KEWTY four cars and a plate

 Kewty upper right original

 Upper left-esque reversed

 Various refernce materials

 Red rear; close up on fins

 Blue side and rear

 Mixed Caddies

 Glistening red caddy front

 "Jim Is Sexy" caddy

 Ren, Stimpy, Ralph in car

 Three quarters caddy

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