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Spumco - Jimmy's Impossible Accidents

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Mar. 24, 1994
"DV: You have two Jimmy the Idiot Boy storyboards and a number of other characters. What's the next step?

JK: We're producing him on our own, looking for a distributor. Whether it's a movie theater chain or a movie studio, it doesn't matter to me. I just want to get it in front of the audience.
Once that was set, who these personalities were, they started to experiment with it -- putting them in space and caveman stories. Thus, we have "Jimmy's Impossible Accidents," which establishes Jimmy's character. Once we know who Jimmy is, we start to introduce other characters, like his girlfriend, Sody, and her dad, and George Liquor, American.Then you are gradually building a stable of characters."

 Jimmy Walk Cycle A

 Jimmy Walk Cycle A drawing

 Jimmy Walk cycle A drawing

 Jimmy Walk Cycle B

 Jimmy Walk Cycle B drawing

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