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Time Bokan : Yattaman / Yatterman

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Time Bokan is a Tatsunoko production that had several incarnations; this gallery should mainly be for Yattaman/Yatterman which originally aired from 1977 to 1979 (every week for 108 weeks, apparently), since that's the one I'm most familiar with (via a Polish overdub of an Italian dub that retains Japanese songs; I speak none of those languages). I own the Time Bokan OVA, as it's the only thing relating to Time Bokan in general that came out in English (as far as I can tell). All the info comes via Japanese (naturally) or Italian or Polish sources, leaving the English speaking audience with a dearth of proper transliterations. Even without knowing the meaning of the audio, the show is very funny (much of the humor involves villain nudity). Other Time Bokan series may end up in here, either intentionally due to keeping them all together, or accidentally, due to the fact that they seemd to cast the villains in the series using the same cartoon "actors", like a theatrical company, even tho the villains are technically different characters. Or so an automated translation of an Italian page would have me believe...

 Dorombo flees in blind panic

 Yattaman heroes

 Yattaman bounce

 Yattaman jumping

 Yattaman Cow

 Push up bra under udder
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